1237392315-A Kingdom for Keflings

Xbox Live Arcade Game Case For: A Kingdom For Keflings

Name: A Kingdom For Keflings

Price: 800 MS Points

Developer: Ninja Bee

Total Gamerscore: 200g

360 Games Archive Rating: 74%

Downloadable Content/ Expansions: Kingdom Pack 1, Kingdom Pack 2

A very nice game that can simply entertain you for hours. With a brilliant single player campaign and a surprisingly well executed multiplayer feature, this game is well worth the money.

Help the Keflings build and thrive in a kingdom, harvest rescources, build homes, or even bully your poor Keflings. Some nice features and the DLC Packs for this game really giv you a fresh perspective.


If I had a hammer- 5g

Siegfried (or Roy)- 5g

Frank Lloyd- 25g

Big bully- 15g

Haberdasher- 20g

Like rabbits- 15g

Think big- 10g

Master builder- 25g

King- 40g

Friend- 10g

World Traveler- 10g

Vanity- 20g