Call of duty black ops

Xbox360 game case for: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Name: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Developer: Treyarch

Total gamerscore: 1150g

360 Games Archive Rating: 89%

Downloadable content/ expansions: First Strike Pack

The biggest Xbox 360 franchise of all time is back! Call of Duty: Black Ops continues the campaign carnage, and of course, the reckless multiplayer madness!

A brilliant and mad experience, a brilliant campaign, and the return of Zombies mode! The return of Zombies mode has been a big part of the anticipation of this game. But (who could forget!) Multiplayer! Multiplayer uses the same concept as the other Call of Duty's that included a multiplayer feature, but there is obviously some minor changes. For example "CoD Points". CoD Points give you the opportunity to get attachments, camo's, and other features, as soon as you unlock them. You can also gamble your CoD Points in Wager matches!


Death to dictators- 15g

Sacrifice- 10g

Slingshot kid- 10g

Give me liberty- 10g

VIP- 10g

A safer place- 10g

Tough economy- 15g

Looks don't count- 10g

Raining pain- 15g

The dragon within- 15g

SOG rules- 10g

Heavy hand 15g

Up close and personal- 15g

Double trouble- 10g

Broken English- 10g

Lord Nelson- 25g

Never get off the boat- 10g

Pathfinder- 50g

Mr. Black op- 50g

With extreme prejudice- 25g

Russian bar-b-q- 15g

Light foot- 30g

Some wounds never heal- 10g

I hate monkeys- 15g

No leaks- 50g

Clarity- 10g

Double whammy- 15g

Stand down- 35g


Frag master- 15g

Sally likes blood- 15g

Unconventional warfare- 15g

Cold warrior- 25g

Down and dirty- 25g

It's your funeral- 25g

Not today- 25g

Burn notice- 25g

Closer analysis- 15g

Date night- 15g

In the money- 20g

Ready for deployment- 15g

The collector- 20g

Hands off the merchandise- 20g

Sacrificial lamb- 15g

"Insert coin"- 5g

Easy rhino- 10g

See me, stab me, heal me- 15g

Just ask me nicely- 15g

Eaten by Grue- 15g

The eagle has landers- 35g

They are going THROUGH!- 35g

Space race- 45g

Chimp on the barbie- 35g