Call of duty moder warfare 2

Xbox360 game case for: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Name: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Developer: Infinity Ward

Total gamerscore: 1000g

360 Games Archive Rating: 82%

Downloadable content/ expansions: Resurgence map pack, Stimulus map pack

The biggest Xbox 360 franchise of all time returns with a classic, allegedly the last game infinity ward would be making with Activision, but a brilliant one at that, a great campaign, and of course, the worlds most addicting online feature!

Were not sure how many hours you can spend on the campaign and Spec Ops, but many people have "wasted" months of their lives on the multiplayer aspect of this brilliant game.


Back in the saddle- 15g

Danger close- 15g

Cold shoulder- 15g

Tag 'em and bag 'em- 15g

Royale with cheese- 15g

Soap on a rope- 15g

Desperate times- 15g

Whiskey hotel- 15g

The pawn- 15g

Out of the frying pan...- 15g

For the record- 35g

The price of war- 90g

First day of school- 25g

Black diamond- 25g

Turistas- 25g

Red dawn- 25g

Prisoner #627- 25g

Ends justify the means- 25g

Homecoming- 25g

Queen takes rook- 25g

Off the grid- 25g

Pit boss- 10g

Ghost- 10g

Colonel Sanderson- 10g

Gold star- 20g

Hotel bravo- 20g

Charlie on our six- 20g

It goes to eleven- 20g

Operational asset- 20g

Blackjack- 20g

Honor roll- 20g

Operative- 30g

Specialist- 30g

Professional- 30g

Star 69- 90g

Downed but not out- 10g

I'm the Juggernaut....- 10g

Ten plus foot-mobiles- 10g

Unnecessary roughness- 10g

Knock-knock- 10g

Some like it hot- 10g

Two birds with one stone- 10g

The road less traveled- 10g

Leave no stone unturned- 10g

Drive by- 10g

The harder they fall- 10g

Desperado- 10g

Look ma two hands- 10g

No rest for the wary- 10g

Three-some- 10g