Call of duty world at war

Xbox360 game case for: Call of Duty: World at War

Name: Call of Duty: World at War

Developer: Treyarch

Total gamerscore: 1500g

360 Games Archive Rating: 76%

Downloadable content/ expansions: 4 Zombie mode maps, Numerous multiplayer maps

Call of Duty is back! This time Treyarch take the wheel, and take us for a spin on the biggest Xbox 360 franchise of all time! New maps, new DLC, and of course, Nazi Zombies, a new mode where you must defend against endless waves of the undead, there is also some content out for this mode too.

The real focus is the multiplayer though, and it's back to WW2 style! Many hours can be thoughtlessly passed whilst you indulge in the online aspect of this game.


Carlson's raiders- 10g

Stormed Peleliu- 15g

The last stand- 20g

Stabbed in the heart- 20g

Get your hands dirty- 30g

Saved Private Ryan- 10g

Bloody Peleliu- 30g

Weapon of mass destruction- 15g

The sword is broken- 30g

No safe place- 15g

Architect- 30g

The professional- 15g

Gunslinger- 15g

The hammer strikes- 30g

Scorched earth- 30g

Firestarter- 15g

Fearless- 30g

Hell on wheels- 30g

Iron fist- 15g

No return- 30g

Ruthless- 15g

When it rains, it pours- 30g

Shot in the dark- 10g

One bad gato- 30g

The sum of all zeros- 15g

Lights out- 10g

Blowtorch and Corkscrew- 30g

Setting of the sun- 30g

Mortar-dom- 10g

Guardian angel- 10g

For the motherland- 30g

Bearing the burden- 30g

Rough economy- 15g

Close shave- 10g

Snake in the grass- 15g

Grave robber- 15g

Kamikaze- 15g

Throw six and a half- 15g

Purple heart- 5g

War hero- 40g

Hardened war hero- 100g

Get your left foot wet- 30g

Get your right foot wet- 30g

Blue ribbon- 25g

It's all about prestige- 0g

Go get some sun- 0g

Soul survivor- 50g

Hammer time- 10g

Weapon of minor destruction- 20g

Big baller- 30g

Perk-a-holic- 20g

Big brawler- 30g

It's a trap!- 20g

Fertilizer man- 30g

Deadhead- 30g

Dead air- 10g

Locksmith!- 25g

The might of the monkey!- 25g

Wacker packer!- 25g

Frequent flyer!- 25g

40 knifes!- 25g

Der electrician!- 25g

Acquire waffle weapons!- 25g

Perkaholics anonymous!- 25g

Pack addict!- 25g

Elevate your senses!- 25g