Call of Duty 2

Xbox360 game case for:Call of Duty 2

Name: Call of Duty 2

Developer: Infinity ward

Total gamerscore: 1000g

360 Games Archives Rating: 68%

Downloadable content/ expansions: None

An absolute classic game, one of the earliest and greatest titles, back when call of duty was just a baby, a game way ahead of it's time!

A great game with a great campaign, brilliant for some achievement hunting!


Completed training- 50g

Veteran of the winter war- 60g

Veteran of Stalingrad '42- 60g

Veteran of El Alamein- 60g

Veteran of the Tank squadrons- 60g

Veteran of Rommel's last stand- 60g

Veteran of the battle for Caen- 60g

Veteran of D-Day- 60g

Veteran of hill 400- 60g

Veteran of crossing the rhine- 60g

Won the war- 150g

War hardened- 200g