Call of duty 3

Xbox360 game case for:Call of Duty 3

Name: Call of Duty 3

Developer: Treyarch

Total gamerscore: 1000g

360 Games Archive Rating: 70%

Downloadable content/ expansions: Bravo map pack, Valor map pack

A classic! This game marked the start of the mad multiplayer rush that we know today, people just loved to play online, and this game soon developed with new map packs for people to get their teeth into.

A nice campaign, a brilliant multiplayer for it's time, overall a gaming classic.


Basic training- 5g

American infantryman- 20g

British commando- 20g

Canadian Highlander- 10g

Polish tanker- 15g

Won the war- 80g

Hot potato- 25g

Rifleman- 15g

Assault trooper- 15g

Battlefield scavenger- 15g

Still ticking- 30g

Allergic to bullets- 25g

Conservationist- 20g

Close quarter combatant- 100g

Grizzled veteran- 150g

Supply officer- 15g

Doc- 30g

A war hero- 30g

Victory medal- 30g

Lieutenant- 20g

Captain- 40g

Major- 60g

Colonel- 80g

General- 120g

Purple heart- 5g

Big air- 25g