Call of duty modern warfare

Xbox360 game case for:Call of Duty:Modern Warfare

Name: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Developer: Infinity Ward

Total gamerscore: 1000g

360 Games Archive Rating: 79%

Downloadable content/ expansions: variety map pack

Probably one of the greatest FPS (first person shooters) of all time. Call of Duty 4 showed us the shear addictiveness of Multiplayer shooters, this game effectively inspired a whole generation of games, like the rest of the Call of Duty franchise, Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Far Cry.

A perfectly thought out game with probably one of the best Multiplayer features to ever hit our Xbox's. A simply addicting game that will have you hooked for hours on end.


Make the jump- 20g

Earn a winged dagger- 20g

Win the war- 40g

Dancing in the dark- 20g

Save the bacon- 20g

Death from above- 20g

Wrong number- 20g

Piggyback ride- 20g

Desperate measures- 20g

Look sharp- 20g

Eyes and ears- 20g

Down boy down- 20g

New squadron record- 20g

Rescue Roycewicz- 20g

Your show sucks- 20g

Man of the people- 10g

Straight flush- 20g

Ghillies in the mist- 20g

Mile high club- 20g

Stab an injured crawling enemy- 10g

Deep and hard- 90g

The package- 40g

The rescue- 40g

The search- 40g

The bog- 40g

The escape- 40g

The first horseman- 40g

The second horseman- 40g

The shot- 40g

The third horseman- 40g

The ultimatum- 40g

The fourth horseman- 40g

Daredevil- 10g

Roadkill- 10g

Bird on the ground- 20g

Four of a kind- 20g

Three of a kind- 10g