Call of duty classic

XBLA game case for Call of Duty Classic


Name: Call of Duty Classic

Price: 1200 MS Points

Developer: Infinity ward

Total gamerscore: 200g

360 Games Archive Rating: 85%

Downloadable content/ expansions: None

One of the most classic things... ever! Originally a 2003 PC FPS, it has been reborn on the Xbox Live Marketplace. They have also thrown in some achievements to keep us on our toes, how nice.


First termer- 10g

Old glory- 20g

Union jack- 20g

Victory banner- 20g

Tank breaker- 15g

Rocket's red glare- 15g

Flag over Reichstag- 15g

War hero- 30g

Gunslinger- 10g

Pea shooter- 20g

Survivor- 15g

Won the war- 10g