Xbox360 game case for: Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion

Name: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Developer: Bethesda game studios

Total gamerscore: 1250g

360 Games Archive Rating: 98%

Downloadable Content/ expansions: Shivering Isles, Knights of the nine.

Winner of the 2005 E3 best RPG, Oblivion truly is on of the games that will be forever played and loved by fans from around the world. It's stunning graphics (at the time), immense gameplay and overall freedom of play, gets it in the top ten games here at 360 games archive.

The game is set in Cyrodiil, and takes place in ancient times. The overall goal of the game is to find a new heir to the throne of Cyrodiil, relight the dragon fires and stop the daedric onslaught. Despite the compelling storyline there is much more to be done, with hundreds of side quests and tasks, two expansions and much, much more, the game goes far beyond the normal RPG.


Escaped the imperial sewers- 50g

Closed an oblivion gate- 50g

Located the shrine of Dagon- 50g

Delivered Daedric artifact- 50g

Destroyed the great gate- 50g

Champion of Cyrodiil- 110g

Pit dog, arena- 10g

Brawler, arena- 10g

Bloodletter, arena- 10g

Myrmidon, arena- 10g

Warrior, arena- 10g

Gladiator, arena- 10g

Hero, arena- 10g

Champion, arena- 10g

Grand champion, arena- 50g

Murderer, dark brotherhood- 10g

Slayer, dark brotherhood- 10g

Eliminator, dark brotherhood- 10g

Assassin, dark brotherhood- 10g

Silencer, dark brotherhood- 10g

Speaker, dark brotherhood- 10g

Listener, dark brotherhood- 50g

Pickpocket, thieves guild- 10g

Footpad, thieves guild- 10g

Bandit, thieves guild- 10g

Prowler, thieves guild- 10g

Cat burglar, thieves guild- 10g

Shadowfoot, thieves guild- 10g

Master thief, thieves guild- 10g

Guildmaster, thieves guild- 50g

Associate, mages guild- 10g

Apprentice, mages guild- 10g

Journeyman, mages guild- 10g

Evoker, mages guild- 10g

Conjurer, mages guild- 10g

Magician, mages guild- 10g

Warlock, mages guild- 10g

Wizard, mages guild- 10g

Master-wizard, mages guild- 10g

Arch-mage, mages guild- 50g

Associate, fighters guild- 10g

Apprentice, fighters guild- 10g

Journeyman, fighters guild- 10g

Swordsman, fighters guild- 10g

Protector, fighters guild- 10g

Defender, fighters guild- 10g

Warder, fighters guild- 10g

Guardian, fighters guild- 10g

Champion, fighters guild- 10g

Master, fighters guild- 50g

Tourist, shivering isles- 20g

Aspirant, shivering isles- 20g

Citizen, shivering isles- 20g

Madman, shivering isles- 20g

Honored madman, shivering isles- 20g

Duke mania, shivering isles- 30g

Duke dementia, shivering isles- 30g

Regent, shivering isles- 20g

Defender, shivering isles- 20g

Madgod, shivering isles- 50g