Name: Fallout 3
Fallout 3

Xbox360 game case for: Fallout 3

Developer: Bethesda game studios

Total gamerscore: 1550g

360 Games Archive Rating: 97%

Downloadable Content/ expansions: Point lookout, Mothership Zeta, Operation Anchorage, Broken Steel, The Pitt.

The creators of the award winning Oblivion , and winner of best RPG and overall game at the 2008 E3 awards. One of the greatest RPG titles in history. Fallout 3 is an action packed adventure complete with hundreds of weapons/ items, five expansions, and a whole lot of enemies to kill.

"The lone wanderer" (your character) trecks across the post-apocalyptic Washington DC "Capital Wasteland, in an attempt to avenge his parents deaths, and make the world a safer place. The world is literally your oyster in this truly amazing game.


Vault 101 citizenship award- 10g

The G.O.A.T whisperer- 10g

Escape!- 20g

Following in his footsteps- 20g

Galaxy News Radio- 20g

Scientific pursuits- 20g

Tranquility lane- 20g

The waters of life- 20g

Picking up the trail- 20g

Rescue from paradise- 20g

Finding the garden of eden- 20g

The American dream- 20g

Take it back!- 40g

Big trouble in big town- 20g

The superhuman gambit- 20g

The wasteland survival guide- 20g

Those!- 20g

The nuka-cola challenge- 20g

Head of state- 20g

The replicated man- 20g

Blood ties- 20g

Oasis- 20g

The power of the atom- 20g

Tenpenny tower- 20g

Strictly business- 20g

You gotta shoot 'em in the head- 20g

Stealing independence- 20g

Trouble on the homefront- 20g

Agatha's song- 20g

Reilly's rangers- 20g

Reaver- 10g

Mercenary- 10g

Protector- 10g

Harbinger of war- 20g

Pinnacle of survival- 20g

Ambassador of peace- 20g

Scourge of humanity- 30g

Paradigm of humanity- 30g

Last, best hope of humanity- 30g

Weaponsmith- 30g

Doesn't play well with others- 20g

Slayer of beasts- 20g

Silver tongued devil- 20g

Data miner- 20g

Keys are for cowards- 20g

One-man scouting party- 20g

Psychotic prankster- 10g

The bigger they are...- 20g

Yes, I play with dolls- 10g

Vault-Tec C.E.O- 30g

Aiding the outcasts- 20g

The guns of Anchorage- 20g

Paving the way- 20g

Operation: Anchorage- 40g

Into the Pitt- 20g

Unsafe working conditions- 20g

Free labour- 40g

Mill worker- 20g

Death from above- 30g

Shock value- 30g

Who dares wins- 30g

Devil- 20g

True mortal- 20g

Messiah- 20g

The local flavor- 20g

Walking with spirits- 20g

A meeting of the minds- 20g

Bog walker- 40g

Not of this world- 20g

Among the stars- 20g

This galaxy ain't big enough...- 40g

Alien archivist- 20g