Fight night round 3

Xbox360 case for:Fight Night:Round 3

Name: Fight Night: Round 3

Developer: EA Chicago

Total gamerscore: 1000g

360 Games Archive Rating: 70%

Downloadable content/ expansions: None

Fight Night: Round 3 is a fast paced fighter with a unique style of play. This game will provide a good 20 hours of entertaining play and some easy achievement hunting.

The game includes some good features, such as fighter customisation, and you can also play as existing legends, such as Muhammad Ali. There is only a surprising 8 achievements, but each one is packed with gamerscore, and provides lots of fun in the initial hunting of each achievement.


Burger King achievement- 100g

Dodge achievement- 100g

EA SPORTS achievement- 150g

ESPN FNF achievement- 150g

ESPN PPV achievement- 150g

ESPN WNF achievement- 150g

Everlast achievement- 100g

Under Armour achievement- 100g