Fight night round 4

Xbox360 game case for:Fight Night:Round 4

Name: Fight Night: Round 4

Developer: EA Canada

Total gamerscore: 1000g

360 Games Archive Rating: 76%

Downloadable content/ expansion: Boxer Pack, My Dream

Fight night returns for another round of boxing action, and features a new gameplay engine and fighting styles.

We all love a bit of boxing every now and then, the sweat and blood pouring out of a guys nose as he takes a haymaker to the face, open wounds, old guys that are somehow tougher than you and yell a lot. Well, fight night can give us all this, but people began to worry it was getting repetitive, so they threw some DLC in there! Then they mixed it up with some new fighting styles, some customisation and a few legends of the ring. Result!


Get in the ring- 5g

Just like Mike- 40g

More machine than man- 50g

Knock a sucker out- 10g

Ecko trunk challenge- 15g

Man up Manny- 15g

Pull no punches- 10g

Pound for pound- 40g

The road is long- 10g

The champ is here- 40g

The latest and greatest- 50g

From chump to champ- 20g

Movin' on up- 30g

Undefeated- 20g

My style is impetuous- 60g

XL- 50g

L- 25g

Solid contender- 30g

Pain brings glory- 5g

Comeback kid- 10g

Walk like ten men- 10g

David and goliath- 40g

King of the rope-a-dope- 40g

Punch drunk- 10g

Enough to feed a horse- 10g

Precision guided pain- 50g

GOAT- 80g

Big gloves to fill- 65g

Flyswatter- 60g

XXL- 75g

A force to reckon with- 15g

New blood- 5g

You're in the game!- 5g