Fortress craft chapter 1

Indie Games case for: Fortress Craft Chapter 1: Creation

Name: Fortress Craft Chapter 1: Creation

Price: 240 MS Points

360 Games Archive Rating: 87%

Just an overall brilliant game. There is so much to do and the only limit to the things you can create on this game is your own imagination!

Now, clearly this game lacks a few basic things like enemies and an actual moral point, but before you panic about this there is a second installment coming soon. So, essentially this game is like a "demo", but that's really the point, to show you the shear excellence of this game before the second one releases. This game really opened up the boundaries of all indie games, and set an exceptionally high marker for it's heir, Chapter 2.

The game involves a seemingly endless world in which you are given an infinite number of resources to edit and customize...Thats it! But with a little imagination thats all you need to build plains of remarkable brilliance. You really can build anything, and we look forward to Chapter 2. Although chapter 2 isn't coming out until somewhere around 2013-2014 in january.