Grand theft auto 4

Xbox360 game case for:Grand Theft Auto IV

Name: Grand Theft Auto IV

Developer: Rockstar North

Total gamerscore: 1500g

360 Games Archive Rating: 82%

Downloadable content/ expansions: Ballad Of Gay Tony, The Lost And Damned

A brilliant game that was very widely anticipated, the build up was worth it as this game has been found to entertain millions for hours on end, with it's brilliant gameplay, and many unique features.

Run, drive, fly, sail, or even bike your way across Liberty City, cleaning out the streets,making many friends and enemies along the way. This game really has it all! Including 65 achievements!


Off the boat- 5g

On hundred and eighty- 10g

Pool shark- 10g

King of QUB3D- 15g

Finish him- 15g

Genetically superior- 25g

Wheelie rider- 30g

Gobble gobble- 10g

Driving Mr. Bellic- 10g

Rolled over- 30g

Walk free- 50g

Courier service- 10g

Retail therapy- 10g

Chain reaction- 20g

One man army- 40g

Lowest point- 5g

Order fulfilled- 10g

Manhunt- 15g

Cleaned the mean streets- 20g

Fed the fish- 5g

It'll cost ya- 5g

Sightseer- 5g

Warm coffee- 5g

Thats how we roll!- 10g

Half million- 55g

Impossible trinity- 10g

Full exploration- 20g

You got the message- 20g

Dare devil- 30g

Assassin's greed- 20g

Endangered species- 50g

Under the radar- 40g

Dial b for bomb- 10g

Gracefully taken- 10g

Liberty city (5)- 20g

No more strangers- 5g

That special someone- 10g

You won!- 60g

Liberty city minute- 30g

Key to the city- 100g

Teamplayer- 10g

Cut your teeth- 5g

Join the midnight club- 10g

Fly the co-op- 15g

Taking it for the team- 10g

Top of the food chain- 10g

Top the midnight club- 20g

Wanted- 20g

Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic- 30g

Let sleeping rockstars lie- 10g

TLAD: One percenter- 5g

TLAD: The lost boy- 25g

TLAD: Easy rider- 100g

TLAD: Get good wood- 50g

TLAD: Full chat- 70g

TBoGT: Gone down- 5g

TBoGT: Diamonds forever- 5g

TBoGT: Four play- 10g

TBoGT: Bear fight- 15g

TBoGT: Catch the bus- 15g

TBoGT: Snow queen- 20g

TBoGT: Adrenaline junkie- 25g

TBoGT: Maestro- 30g

TBoGT: Past the velvet rope- 45g

TBoGT: Gold star- 80g