Harms way

XBLA game case for:Harm's Way


Name: Harm's way

Price: Free

Developer: Bongfish

Total gamerscore: 200g

360 Games Archive Rating: 69%

Downloadable content/ expansions: None

A simple concept, yet a very effective delivery, a delightful game, (especially priced at 0 MS Points!) this game provides some good little fun multiplayer games, killing your friends, popping their tires, deploying mines in front of them, but it also provides a very easy 200g!


Turret downgrade- 10g

Turret takeover- 30g

Affilation- 10g

Justin Carpenter Achievement- 10g

First blood- 20g

Entertainer- 10g

Missile-fest- 10g

Mine-fest- 10g

Flat tire- 20g

Get wrecked- 10g

First win- 30g

One shot kill- 30g

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