Trials HD

XBLA game case for:Trials HD


Name: Trials HD

Price: 1200 MS points

Developer: Red Lynx Ltd

Total gamerscore: 300g

360 Games Archive Rating: 86%

Downloadable content/ expansions: Big Pack, Big Thrills

One of the most recognizable titles out there on XBLA, Trials HD really does push the boundaries of arcade gaming to the limit!

Over a hundred tracks, seemingly endless tournaments, and some fun mini games, provide the perfect platform, for hours of endless fun, topped of with 18 tasty achievements to hunt!


The creator- 5g

Unyielding- 15g

Full throttle- 15g

Bling- 15g

Strike- 15g

Leave nothing in one piece- 5g

Life is harsh- 20g

Trials master- 15g

Marathon- 40g

Market meltdown- 15g

Demon on wheels- 30g

The challenger- 10g

Piggyback- 15g

No deal- 15g

Look ma, I can fly!- 20g

Completionist- 20g

Detour- 15g

Donkey Challenge- 15g